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Anyone who has conducted qualitative research knows what it’s like to be working on a budget. As such, there’s usually an incentive to do as much as you can yourself, relying as little as possible on paid services. However, the value that a professional transcription organization provides may help to save you time and expenses in other areas. We’ve compiled some of the benefits such a service can bring.

It enables you to collect more data


Your time is valuable, and it's also in short demand. Working with a transcription company helps you focus on analyzing and interpreting your data instead of organizing and typing it.

It’s perfectly suited for team projects

When working in a team, simply sharing data between one another can be very cumbersome if the data isn’t in a readable format. Having multiple people pore over an audio file is significantly less efficiently than everyone sharing the same easily-searchable document. From there, the ability to analyze, discuss, and annotate information as a group becomes considerably more straightforward.

It improves the quality and efficacy of your interview questions

Receiving a transcript of your own discussion quickly gives you the ability to review your dialogue, analyze it in your own time, and provide follow-up questions to your participants for any information you may have missed.

It’s a better use of time

If you thought conducting the interviews was time-consuming, wait until you have to listen through them, repeatedly playing, rewinding, and skipping ahead, while taking notes and keeping up with the speed of human speech. Professional companies are specialized in this area, working in sizable teams that utilize time-saving equipment and software. This makes the process of converting audio to text significantly faster and more economical.

It takes the complication out of strict verbatim transcription


Many researchers depend on reliable verbatim transcription for their data, needing every utterance, stutter, and false start to be recorded. However, as if transcribing your own material wasn’t tedious enough, transcribing into strict verbatim takes almost double the time and effort. Not only does this kind of meticulousness require more labor, but many non-professionals will naturally filter out stutters and tics when transcribing, creating a greater margin of error within your data. Our transcription team is experienced at capturing verbatim with 99% accuracy or higher, without any delay to the project’s timeline.

There are many transcription services with various areas of expertise. At Transcription Panda, our team uses specialized channels of communication dedicated to individual projects, allowing us to pool resources, catalog technical terms and correct spellings of proper nouns, and ensure consistency by allowing the same workers to service the same project. Our managers, who review and edit all transcripts, have an open line of communication with the researcher at all times. Get in touch with us at to find out how we can personally attend to your research project.

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